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Praia do Engenhoca, Bahia, Brazil, 2003–2009

Located on the Cocoa Coast in the midst of World Heritage listed Atlantic Rainforest in the south of Bahia in Brazil, Warapuru is a Hotel, Spa and residential development. This three-phase development with a total site area of 80 Hectares and built area of 45,000 m2 is situated in a natural forested amphitheatre facing directly onto Engenhoca Beach. All buildings have been carefully placed to minimise impact on the landscape and provide individual views of the surrounding coastline.

The project comprises Hotel reception and Spa building of 5,850 m2, Beach Club, restaurant and swimming pools covering 2600 m2 , 40 Hotel accommodation Pavilions of 5 site specific designs with areas from 160 to 460 m2, Phase 1 and 2 housing; 17 villas of 4 varying designs with areas from 950 to 2300 m2, Phase 3 housing, 28 villas of 900 m2 overlooking Hawaiizinho, a secluded beach south of the initial project.

Works were carried out utilising labour from nearby villages, local methods and materials including the use of Cumaru, a durable local hardwood, Beige Bahia sawn marble, and Pedra Ardosia laid in canjiquinha bond. Precasting facilities were set up on site to minimise transport in and out of the rainforest and Joinery and stone workshops were strategically located on site to serve the different zones of construction.

The development is the result of a collaboration between the developer Harmattan, Bernardes Jacobsen, who designed one Villa type, Cavani Arquitetos, responsible for documentation and coordination, and Anouska Hempel, responsible for interiors. Working as a consultant, Russell Jones was responsible for the design and detail of four villa types, all accommodation pavilions, reception, spa and beach club facilities, in close cooperation with the client and design team.

Villandro Keating
Paul Brady
Engling Ho
Russell Jones