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Princedale Road

Holland Park, London, United Kingdom, 1996–1998

The clients for this project purchased a Victorian corner property in Holland Park made up of two separate flats, with the aim of transforming the building into a family home. Built out on two sides, the original building had no garden or amenity space. The project involved reconfiguring both plan and section to create a new 200m² four bedroom house with accommodation over 5 levels, with generous interior and exterior entertaining areas.

The entrance to the house was relocated, and single volume spanning the lower ground and entry level created to contain open plan living and dining. The original front lightwell was glazed over with a single sheet of glass to allow a direct connection to the original coal hole under the pavement. This became a set down seating nook to one side of the main double height living volume. A new central staircase, changes its character as it rises from the lower ground up to the roof. Bedrooms are located on two levels directly above the living spaces. The existing inverted pitched roof was removed, and a new flat roof and terrace was built to provide outdoor entertaining space and uninterrupted views of the surrounding conservation area.

The lower living spaces have floors and countertops from Portuguese limestone, upper bedrooms have lye and soap finished pine floors and vitex hardwood is used on the roof terrace. Bathroom sinks are made from Carrara marble. Staircase walls and central spine are faced in birch ply wood and handrails are carved from teak.

Maria Speyer Gron
Structural Engineer
Michael Baigent Orla Kelly
Jabs Construction
Russell Jones