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Canal House Hotel

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1997–2000

Located on the Keizersgracht in the centre of Amsterdam, this Hotel was once the site of the first city theatre in Amsterdam, "De Schouwburg van Jacob van Campen ". A great fire razed the theatre to the ground in May 1772. and parts that remained, including timber beams spanning the full width of the theatre, were incorporated into new buildings that surround a central courtyard where the original theatre stood. "Het Roomsch Catholyck Oude Armenkantoor " included offices, accommodation, a bakery and eating hall for the homeless. After restoration during the 1970's and reuse as law offices, the client purchased the property in 1997 with a vision to transform the site into a new Hotel.

Working as a consultant to the Design team, Russell Jones jointly developed a strategy to re purpose each of the four historic buildings into a new hotel. The first phase, comprising 26 Rooms, long gallery and bar, old bakery restaurant and back of house facilities, involved the restoration of the existing historic exterior fabric and interiors, and incorporation of new non structural partitions in line with existing exposed structure to create new spaces. The second phase of the project, in an adjoining Fin de Siecle building, incorporated 16 more rooms, courtyard and back of house.

The Hotel, with Interiors by the Hotelier and Designer Anouska Hempel, was initially known as Blakes Amsterdam, and later became the Dylan.